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Sell, Scale, or Own Passively!

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Tuesday, August 4th 2015

Dear Business Owner,

After 15 years of working with hundreds of thousands of business owners one thing is very clear to me—most business owners are building a job for themselves, not a business.

The businesses they are building are dependent on them working long hours, with no real freedom, and with no defined exit strategy.

Don’t let that be you. 

The Business Owners Success Conference was created by some of the nation’s leading entrepreneurs for the express purpose of giving you the business owner education that we all wished we had when we first got started building businesses.  we had to learn these lessons about generating leads and closing sales, about scaling operations and controlling expenses, about hiring the right team and managing cash flow, the hard -- through painful trial and error.

whether you're about to start a new business and want direct guidance to do it the right way from the start…

Or you own an established business and you want to take it to the next level, we can help. 

This is your chance to learn the real-world realities of launching, growing, scaling, and eventually exiting your business, and to learn it from several of the world's top business experts--entrepreneurs who’ve collectively started, scaled, and sold over $2 billion of businesses over the past 20 years!

You don’t have to build your business in isolation; you can upgrade your peer group and access a proven accountability structure to do it faster!

Register now and join us for this powerful business owner workshop.


David Finkel
Maui Mastermind®

P.S. This event will sell out fast! Considering our more advanced programs are several thousand dollars this $297 Business Owners Success Conference is guaranteed to sell out even faster! Register now!

P.P.S The pricing is just $297 per person! Plus you’ll also get $378 in FREE bonuses! (See below for full details.)

Here's Just a Sampling of what
You'll Learn when You Attend:

A concrete roadmap to build a multi-million dollar business in 5 years or less!

How to magnify the value of your company so you can sell for millions!

12 tips to guard your cash flow and increase your bottom-line!

5 time mastery techniques to free up one full day a week to work on your business!

6 sources to fund your business startup or expansion!

How to build a business, not a job!

How to use technology and outsourced solutions to cost-effectively scale your company!

How to build intelligent controls that allow you to safely step back from the day-to-day operations and focus on the bigger picture of growing your business to the next level!

The 6 most damaging business owner behaviors!

A simple 5-step formula to create a winning business strategy (and 3 techniques to make executing that plan easy and automatic!)

Strategies to get other people to help you scale your business faster and with less risk!

The 5 core pillars of every great business (and how to determine which pillars you are ignoring!)

The 3 obstacles that stop most business owners from getting to the next level!

How to create a highly functional business owner mastermind team that will hold you accountable and support you as you grow your business!

21 essential business-building concepts to grow your business!

And much, much more!

Meet Just a Few of the Maui Advisors
who've Helped The Over 78,000 Maui Community Members Make Their Businesses More Successful

David Finkel Ex-Olympic-level athlete turned business multi-millionaire, David is one of the nation's most respected business thinkers. A wall Street Journal and Business week bestselling author of over 40 business and financial books and courses, including the wildly successful, The Maui Millionaires for Business, his how-to business and financial articles have appeared in over 4,000 periodicals across the United States. Over the past 15 years his 100,000 clients and Maui community members have gone on to buy, build, and sell billions of dollars of business assets.

Stephanie Harkness is the cofounder and CEO of Pacific Plastics and Engineering. The former Chairperson of the National Association of Manufacturers, Stephanie is one of only three people to receive the Medal of Freedom award from the Association of Manufacturers (the other wTo recipients were Henry Ford and Ronald Reagan). Over the past 30 years this serial entrepreneur has launched and sat on the boards of numerous start-ups, guiding them to successful exits. In 1999 the National Association of women Business Owners awarded her the “National woman Business Owner” prize, and wells Fargo Bank awarded her the “Outstanding Entrepreneur of 1998” award. Stephanie has volunteered to be a Maui Advisor since 2007, paying it forward to other business owners and helping them make their businesses more successful.

Rob and Patrice Mabary are serial entrepreneurs who have started, managed, purchased, grown, and sold numerous small businesses in the areas of consulting and medical education for physicians. They presently own about seven Level 3 businesses, all of which are profitable, and employ about 100 people.

Kevin Bassett is the founder and CEO of Bassett and Associates PLC, a mid-sized CPA firm that specializes in working with high net worth entrepreneurs. A published author, Kevin is himself a “Level Three Business Owner” of a successful payroll company and his CPA firm. Over the years Kevin has worked with billionaire clients to corporate clients, helping them with Preemptive Tax Strategy™ and outside financial planning for businesses and business owners. He’s been a featured speaker at business and investment groups and conferences across the United States, and he’s been a Maui Advisor since 2007.

Bill Shopoff founder and CEO of The Shopoff Group, has lead the purchase and resale over $1 billion of real estate assets from residential developments, to multi-family, to commercial properties. As a business owner Bill has had the opportunity to share his passion and vision for entrepreneurship with tens of thousands of business owners across the United States. He’s been a Maui Advisor since 2006.

All totaled the Maui Advisors have personally created, launched, scaled, and sold over $2 billion of businesses!

Now you have your chance to learn from successful entrepreneurs like these, who want to pass on the decades of experiences they’ve gathered to the next generation of business owners.

Register Now and Get
$378 in Bonuses--FREE!

Bonus#1: The Business Owner's Success Kit! ($179 Value)
  • One Hour Video Training: How to Overcome the Greatest Challenge Every Entrepreneur Faces
  • Special Report: How to Form and Run Your Own Mastermind Group
  • 50-Minute Video Training: The Fundamentals of Time Mastery: How to Grow Your Business without working Longer Hours or weekends
  • Special Report: 35 Hidden Business Assets You Can Leverage to Grow Your Company
  • 30-Minute Audio: wealth Secrets from Maui Mastermind®

Bonus #2: 1-Hour Training DVD: Simple Steps to Breakthrough Business Ideas ! ($149 Value)

Join Jeff Hoffman, mega-successful entrepreneur as he shares with you his proprietary system for reliably staying ahead of your competitors by creating breakthrough business ideas. You'll learn the exact same system he used to build the multi-billion dollar family of companies. Captured live at a past Maui workshop, you’ll get dozens of ideas to make your business more successful.

Bonus #3: A Hard-Cover Copy of 288-page bestseller, The Maui Millionaires! ($25 Value). Available for the first 75 people at check-in only.
You'll Learn:
  • The five strategies to grow your net worth and create true financial freedom.
  • The single greatest leverage point to growing your wealth.
  • The 25 keys to dreaming big (and reaching your goals).
  • The 7 most important secrets to effectively mastermind
  • The five Wealth Factors™ to win the money game.
Bonus #4: CD-ROM ebook of the 296-page bestseller, The Maui Millionaires for Business! ($25 Value)

You'll Learn:
  • The complete life cycle of building a successful business from launch to exit.
  • 67 tactics to leverage your business assets and triple your cash flow.
  • The 10 biggest business blunders (And how you can avoid making them!)
  • How to build your business independent of you.
  • A simple 7-step game plan to better build your wealth independent of your business.

Here's what Past Participants Have to Say about
Our Business Owner Programs:

"Kelly Fabros was a police officer on the Los Angeles Police Department who first came to one of our programs in 2003. At the time she was $77,000 in credit card debt and looking for something more than just her "job". Not only did we give Kelly the concrete tools to leave the force and launch her own business, but more importantly, we helped involve her in a community of other business owners to support her in that transition.

The result? Here we are 6 years later and Kelly has wTo thriving business that help her earn 10 times more money than she ever did, working less hours, with more control, more freedom, and doing something she loves and feels passionate about.
Listen to Kelly as she shares in her own words!
"we never dreamed that we'd be able to quit our jobs as Los Angeles police officers and follow our dreams. We still can't believe we now wake up every day living our dream life."
-- Kelly Fabros, CA

"Through Maui I have learned to structure my appraisal company in such a way that I have gone from working 40 hours a week to 2-3 hours a week and still make the same amount of money."
-- Marichel Ewert, Los Angeles, Ca

"The results speak for themselves! The program helped me to radically upgrade my use of time and make an additional $1 million of net income. I still use these same strategies and principles to this day and find them just as useful and profitable."
--Dr. Gurpreet Padda, Saint Louis MO

Jennifer Lyle owns a small sofwTare company in Arizona. In the past 12 months we've helped Jennifer systematize her business and take her business to the next level. The result? Her sales are up and her net profit has increased by over 75%. Listen to her own words!
"Our revenues are up in Q1, 2009 over Q1, 2008 and expenses are holding steady resulting in a 77% increase in net profit. Not bad considering this economy!"
--Jennifer Lyle

"I wanted to send along a personal note of thanks for all the great input you have provided to Patrice and me from the Maui Mastermind event and materials. We just are closing a new acquisition related to our current medical education businesses that will net us $1.5 million per year."
-- Rob Mayberry, CO

Tom Santilli owns an electronics wholesaling business in Florida. When Tom came to us 36 months ago he already had a successful business netting him over $1 million a year. But he was working 80 hour weeks doing just about everything himself. By participating in our programs Tom learned how to build systems and empower his team to scale his business. Today his business is more successful than ever, and best of all, Tom now works roughly HALF the hours he once did! Here's how Tom puts it!

"I've always been one of those driven people who believed in working hard to reach your goals. Before I began working with David and Stephen and the Maui program I had been fortunate enough to build a successful business ( and real estate portfolio that generated a seven-figure income. But I had to work long hours tied to my computer, phone, and email to do it! Or so I thought. Using the Level Three approach I've reduced my working hours in half and still make the same income. Only now I don't come in to the office until after 10am and take every Friday off to be with my family for the weekend. This sure feels a lot more like wealth and freedom to me."
--Tom Santilli, Florida

Who Is Maui Mastermind®

Maui Mastermind is a community of successful entrepreneurs helping business owners like you build a business, not a job.

We give business owners a concrete roadmap that walks them through exactly how to build a business they can one day sell, scale, or even own passively.

We connect business owners to an exclusive network of experts and an upgraded peer group.

Over the past decade we’ve worked with thousands of business owners helping them take their business to the next level through online and in person trainings and our series of unique events, including our annual $30,000 Maui Mastermind Wealth Summit (our 10th annual event this year!)  Our consulting clients enjoy the detailed strategic framework we give them to build their businesses the right way, and the detailed accountability structure to stay on track and execute on their business plan.

How Can we Guarantee You and
Your Business Breakthrough Results?

This is a very fair question. And our answer is simple -- we've done it ourselves -- again and again!

You see, Maui Mastermind is a community of successful entrepreneurs who've made the commitment to help other business owners take their businesses to the next level.

we've each built multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up. We've faced the same challenges you're facing: creating a winning business strategy, dealing with employee and vendor issues, controlling costs, and growing sales.

In fact, over the past 25 years, we've personally created, launched, scaled, and sold over $2 billion of businesses!

But more important than the fact that we've done it in our own business lives is the impact our ideas and programs have had on the lives of other business owners like you.

No matter which stage in the lifecycle your business is at... whether you're at the front end starting up a new venture, or looking for ways to scale your current business, the concrete roadmap we've developed will help you take that next step more effectively and more profitably.

Each year we work with over 70,000 business owners around the world, helping them make their businesses more successful and more profitable.

Proove it for yourself, participate in the upcoming Business Owners Success Conference and you'll see the value for you and your business.

Here's our 100% better-than-risk-free guarantee:

This is your chance to work directly with us for 1 concentrated day, focusing exclusively on building your business. The community we've created out of these Maui Events has literally changed thousands of lives! Now it's your turn to become part of the Maui family and upgrade your peer group. Seating is extremely limited so register now!

Either the workshop gives you the concrete tools you need to take your business to the next level OR you get a full refund PLUS you get to keep all $378 in bonuses.

Either way you win!

But you've got to take action now!

If You're Still wondering If You Should Attend
Listen to Our Past Graduates

"was 100 times the cost of the workshop and definitely time well spent."
--Elsie wu

"I had so many ideas on how to increase my cash flow, I am sure I will increase it by roughly $15,000.00 per year."
--Thomas Martin, Kansas City, MO

"I truly feel that what I have learned here will reap me a tremendous return on investment for my business. "
--Manny Rodriguez – Alexandria, VA

"The information has made a very dramatic, positive, impact on my business, both structurally and financially. I would recommend [it] to anyone who is truly serious about moving their business to true independence and level three."
--George Blevins – Little Rock, AR

"This was both an educational and inspirational event. So happy I signed up (wasn’t sure at first)."
--Beverly Chen – Burlingame, CA

"This workshop is great for any business person ready to take the next step. It is one of the best courses offered by Maui Mastermind for a real how to and great for every type of business."
--Carrie Scheiner, Tampa, FL

"Can’t beat it! Nothing like this price!"
-Nishit P. Bellrose, NY

"The level 3 business concept and process is something I’ve been working for 3 ½ years. I am excited to use the “blueprint” to finish all the missing pieces. This comprehensive course turned on the light at the end of the tunnel. Great job, David. THANKS!"
--Roger Maupin, Austin, TX

"I brought three business partners and this was the first Maui event for all of them. They are now as excited as I have been since my first event. We now have a common perspective, language, and roadmap that will put the excitement back in our company."

-- Jeff Tooley, Colorado

The 3 Types of People This workshop Is Right For:

One: For people who want to start a business but just don't know how to do it. You'll leave with the confidence that you know how to get started, and have a new peer group of more experienced entrepreneurs to help you do it!

Two: For current business owners who are looking for concrete tools and a proven roadmap to take their existing business to the next level. You'll gain a fresh perspective and a defined action plan to accelerate your business's growth.

Three: For business owners who are ready to take that last step and exit their business, either by selling it or stepping into a more passive role. You'll have the chance to pick the brains of experienced entrepreneurs who have literally sold over $2 billion of businesses!

Make sure you register now that you have made the decision to join us, and learn how to take your business to the next level. Register now!